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Second Break-In on Logan Square Street in 31 Days


Damn.  That makes two cars and two broken windows in our care and on our street in 31 days.  The first, on July 12th, was the missus’ sister’s, a late 90’s compact SUV that we car-sat while she was out of country.  The perp walked away with an in-dash CD player and we were left holding the guilt bag.  Tonight, it was her folks’ 3rd car, which we had borrowed to gain the freedom to leave the city on the weekends and the casualty was an original iPod shuffle.  Rarely used, the early millennium Toyota sat just a few hundred feet from our front door beside a turn of the century neoclassical church.

We were well-acquainted with the process and, largely because of my stubborn idea that an unreported crime is a nonexistent crime, we called the report in to the police.  More accurately, we simply emailed it in as I already had the 14th District’s Police Commander’s email addy from the last go-around.  After reading my note — an irritating one, I’m sure (I mentioned Broken Window Theory) — she graciously and promptly dispatched a squad car.

The point of this post isn’t really to critique the CPD or the Alderman’s response.  In an environment defined by political austerity and group-politik-pandering, I’m sure their hands are tied.  Of course CPD can’t rightly investigate property damage and theft in a city that boasts a homicide rate that bests Kabul’s.

One feels the prick of privilege in even broaching the discomfort caused by the inconvenience that accompanies this sort of thing.  People die in this city every day.  We lost a CD player and a $50 iPod and we’re left wary of parking on our own street but, otherwise, intact.  The audacity that’s rolled up in the willingness to break a window, in broad daylight, to glom on to a minor electronic device that black-market-retails for $10 sheds light on the desperation of our dispossessed.  How arbitrary is it that each of us exist as a relative have or have-not?  In many cases, it turns out to be a transitory standing.

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Craigslist Patriotarianism — Exciting Publishing Opportunity!!!

And here it is, hailing from Minneapolis, MN, the metropolis that boasts the highest number of PhDs per capita in the nation: your chance to contribute to the documentation and exposé of the US federal government’s conspiracy to undermine its country, constituency, and sustaining tax base–conveniently enough, it looks like it will be released just prior to the presidential election. To be clear, best-qualified candidates will provide a 100-word essay questioning the incumbent president’s country of origin, and “if you think the US government officials are corrupted and working against the American People in many ways, that would be helpful.” Good luck applying!

Merchants Of Cool | FRONTLINE | PBS

Watch The Full Program | Merchants Of Cool | FRONTLINE | PBS.

Revisited this over the weekend after having watched the program in an anthropology course a few years ago in undergrad.  11 years old now, I think the piece still carries lots of weight.  The missus and I had a conversation earlier today (which prompted the MOC review) as to whether there were more than 8 personality archetypes in America; cosmology shells that exist to be marketed at in powerful interactive ways.  I doubt that there are but she holds out hope for more nuance in the human condition.  Either way, it takes a disciplined will to maintain a life as one’s own in contemporaneous society.


Craggy by MarkedMatt23

This recent shot taken during a Sunday hike reminds of the neck-straining gaze towards the weekend. There’s much to overcome; a million little crevices and jutting corners. Still, at the top, life tends to grant grand glances of the valley below. It’s there that we remember why, how, and what-for.

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