Announcing an FH, Anti-Bush-Family-themed Super-PAC…

to go toe-to-malevolent-cloven-hooved-toe with (Jeb’s son) George P. Bush’s set of (two) super(evil)-PACs.  I’m not sure why Latino voters would align with the youngest Bush, other than the fact that he’s latino — because, you know, his dad loves courting latinos so much that he procreated with a Latina out of political aspirations.  Don’t think so?  Nay FH, you say — that’s just too far…  See the following Google results string:


You’re right, you’re right … I can’t say (or write) unequivocally that Jeb Bush hooked up with a Spanish-speaking lady in a post-Machiavellian ultra-political-realist attempt to WIN BACK THE LATINO VOTE that propelled his idiot bro’ to the presidency… but I just did.

So… how do we start that Super-PAC?  Was it here that I read the directions or here?  You guys let me know if you’re in, ok…

In my best (mis[under]{is this FOIL?})estimation, Bush(es) collecting Latina/o votes is on par with the political-act-par-excellence of Obama backing Gays-Marrying-Gays-at-this-term-in-the-reelction-cycle (marriage equality makes sense but I can’t stand such blatant political tactics, no matter the outcome).  Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Dandruff.

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