First Cup of Coffee: May Day (Bealtine)

 Busy this morning but I wanted to get this up … May Day is a big one, as far as I’m concerned.  As Occupy Chicago’s #M1GS* takes place in the Chicago Loop, today’s (very late) First Cup of Coffee is one part history and another part creepy.

In it’s pre-modern form, May Day finds its origins in the Druidic paleo-Irish Bealtine holy day.  On this solemn day – the Day of Baal’s Fire, as it was known – the anxieties of the shepherds ran high.  It was a supernatural date nestled within the superstitious pagan calendar – a day defined by witchcraft, harms befalling cattle and kin, and bad luck of all flavors.  After waking to the augural sound of a helicopter hovering over my Chicago apartment at 7AM, I’d guess the ominous feeling I have this morning is historically apt.  Anecdotally replace witches and hobgoblins with complex financial derivatives and Rahm’s armor-clad Chicago PD and let the somber Bealtine observations begin.

*I missed the event due to a job interview.


2 thoughts on “First Cup of Coffee: May Day (Bealtine)

  1. Francis says:

    Interesting… I knew about the Haymarket origins of the holiday, but not the pagan connections. Maybe the protesters should have burnt a symbolic bonfire to scare away those nasty armored specters.

    • Hey Francis — I didn’t know you read the site. Thanks for taking a look. Yeah, I did a little research regarding the pre-labor-movement origins of May Day. Interesting stuff. #Bealtine might have made a nice hashtag for OWS and Occupy Chicago today.

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