Wisconsin’s New Aristocracy Is On The Ballot – Forbes

Federal, state or even local governments cannot be driven out of business.  They gain their revenue forcibly through taxes.  As a result, there is no market limit to how much such unions can pirate from the public.

via Wisconsin’s New Aristocracy Is On The Ballot – Forbes.

Wisconsin's New Aristocracy Is On The Ballot - Forbes

Governments are funded by taxes ergo public sector unions are funded by taxes?  More lies today.  This time from our smug looking friend Peter Ferrara, former Reagan and Elder Bush collaborator.  I won’t spend much time on this since it’s fairly clear his claim is duplicitous, even to the labor-layperson such as myself.

While it’s true that governments do gain their revenue via taxation, that revenue is at zero risk of being pirated or pilfered by public sector unions.  I can’t even begin to grasp where M. Ferrara could draw such conclusions, beings that he’s a highly credible economic policy expert who “write[s] about new, cutting edge ideas regarding public policy, particularly concerning economics old, mis-leading, and divisive pro-business talking points intended to diminish organized labor’s power and drive up executive and shareholder [read 1%er] profits”.

Public-sector unions obtain funding the same way private-sector unions – whose rights to collective bargaining, Ferrara asserts, “are not at issue in Wisconsin” – do: they collect member dues.  Unless we count the wallets of private citizens who make a living working at government jobs as public coffers, there’s no bilking going on here at all.

The media discourse over supposedly corrupt, deleterious public sector unions is fraught with irony, as highlighted in this excellent piece excerpted below:

[W]hile unions can’t compel workers to fork over a penny for political campaigns, corporations can donate unlimited amounts of their shareholders’ equity to do so – they are, in fact, in the “unique position” to elect pliant lawmakers. “What the right-wing and the business community always try to portray is that you have these union bosses that are forcing helpless employees to give them money,” says Gold, “when the reality is that these are their members who chose to be in a union and then elected their officers democratically, in sharp contrast to corporations, none of whose officers are elected democratically unless you count shareholders voting at an annual meeting as a real democratic system.”

And conservatives have long held that voluntary donations to political campaigns are a high form of free speech. The double standard is clear– “money equals speech” unless it’s money freely donated by working people to advance their own economic interests.

Double-standards and duplicity abound while Wisconsonians follow democratically dictated recall protocol to elect the New Aristocracy (you read that right).

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